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Lunch Menu


1. Spring Rolls
Crispy rolls of carrot, cabbage, black wood mushroom, bean sprouts, and mung bean thread noodles, served with sweet and sour garlic chili sauce.
One roll, $2.50; Four rolls, $7.95

2. Fresh Salad Rolls
Julienne cucumber, carrot, lettuce, sweet basil, shrimp, vermicelli noodles, mint and cilantro with a light, sweet sauce with ground peanuts.
One roll, $2.75; four rolls, $8.50

3. Coconut Prawns
Prawns on skewers, lightly battered, rolled in shredded coconut and deep-fried to golden crispness. Served with homemade garlic chili sauce.
Five pieces, $9.95

4. Chicken Satay
Four skewers of chicken breast, marinated in coconut milk, turmeric and spices, grilled to perfection and served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce. $9.50

5. Miang Kum
Build your own bite - Choose from sliced lime, diced fresh ginger, shallot, sliced fresh Thai chili, dried shrimp, roasted peanut and toasted coconut. Wrap in fresh chaplu leaves and add miang kum sauce. Pop in your mouth for a uniquely Thai burst of flavor. $13.50

6. Crab Rangoon
Crispy won-tons with delicious crab meat, cream cheese and Thai herbs and spices inside, served with sweet and sour garlic chili sauce.
Eight pieces, $8.95.


7. Tom Kha
Classic Thai comfort soup featuring lime-and-coconut broth, onion, mushroom, baby corn, galanga and lemon grass.
Small bowl -- $10.95 with chicken or tofu, $12.95 with prawns;
large bowl - $13.95 with chicken or tofu, $15.95 with prawns

8. Tom Yum
Thai spicy-and-sour soup with mushrooms, tomato, yellow onion, lemon grass and galanga, in a clear broth flavored with lime juice.
Small bowl - $10.95 with chicken or tofu, $12.95 with prawns;
large bowl - $13.95 with chicken or tofu, $15.95 with prawns

These salads go well with steamed sticky rice, a staple of North and Northeastern Thai meals.

9. Nam Tok
This succulent "waterfall salad" mixes slices of grilled pork or beef with fresh shallots, green onion, mint and cilantro. Tossed with lime-juice-based dressing and ground roasted rice, for a tangy and crunchy salad. $12.95

10. Larb Gai
Minced chicken salad with fresh shallots, green onion, mint, cilantro, and ground roasted rice, in lime-chili dressing. $12.95


11. Pad See Iew
Wide rice noodles stir-fried with light, sweet soy sauce, egg and fresh gai lan (Asian greens).
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $11.95; prawns, $13.95

12. * Drunken Noodles
These wide rice noodles take their delectable flavor and aroma from fresh basil and sliced tomato, along with onion, carrots, bell peppers, egg and minced fresh chili (optional).
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $11.95; prawns, $13.95

13. Phad Thai
Classic Thai stir-fried rice noodle dish with bean sprouts, ground peanuts, egg, tofu and green onion, topped with ground peanut.
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $11.95; prawns, $13.95

14. * Kanomjean Kaeng Kiew Huan
Steamed, soft rice noodles in a green curry-based broth (including Thai eggplant and green beans), with vegetables served on the side.
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $13.50; prawns, $15.50

Curry Dishes

15. * Red Curry
Thai coconut milk curry with medley of ingredients including sweet basil, julienne bell peppers, and bamboo shoots.
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $12.50; prawns, $15.50

16. * Green Curry
Elegant Thai curry combining coconut milk, Thai eggplant, sweet basil, julienne bell pepper, baby corn and green beans in a light green sauce.
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $12.50; prawns, $15.50

17. * Mussaman Curry
Simple and peanut-ty Thai dark coconut curry with succulent potato chunks, onion, pineapple, carrot and crunchy whole roasted peanuts.
Chicken, beef, or tofu, $12.75; prawns, $14.75

18. * Panaeng Curry
A favorite, thick Thai coconut curry featuring ground peanuts and sweet basil, simmered with distinctively-flavored kaffir lime leaf and bell peppers.
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu, $12.95; prawns, $14.95

From Galanga’s Wok

19. Ginger Wok
A hearty main dish of julienne fresh ginger with black wood mushroom, sliced yellow onion, baby corn, scallions and choice of meat, tofu or seafood.
Pork, chicken, beef, or tofu, $12.50; prawns, $14.50

20. Swimming Rama
Sautéed chicken, tofu or shrimp served on a bed of spinach and topped with flavorful house-made peanut sauce.
Chicken or tofu, $12.50; prawns, $14.50

21. Four Buddies and One Pal
A flavorful delight for vegetable lovers. Fresh broccoli, carrot, baby corn, shitake mushroom and choice meat/tofu/seafood, sautéed in a savory sauce.
Pork, chicken, or tofu, $12.95; prawns, $14.95

22. Spicy Chicken With Crisp Basil
Ground chicken breast sautéed with minced fresh chili and sweet basil, garnished with crispy sweet basil.
Chicken, $13.75; prawns, $15.75

23. Cashew
Diced chicken, tofu or shrimp (dusted with flour for a slightly caramelized taste and texture) sautéed with yellow onion, scallions, roasted cashew nuts and dried chilies.
Chicken or tofu, $13.95; prawns, $15.95

24. Three Flavor Fish
This distinctly Thai seafood dish features halibut filet that is serrated, lightly battered and fried to seal in flavors, served with fresh green beans in a garlic-chili-tamarind sauce. $24.95


25. Thai Fried Rice
Jasmine rice wok-fried with yellow onion, egg, tomato, carrot, cabbage, pineapple and green onion, and garnished with cucumber and fresh lime wedge. Pork, chicken, beef, or tofu, $12.50; prawns, $14.50

Steamed white jasmine rice, small bowl, $2.50; large bowl, $3.50

Steamed brown rice, small bowl, $3.00 large bowl, $4.50

Steamed sticky rice, small bowl, $3.00


Thai Tea Ice Cream, $4.95

Coconut Ice Cream, $4.95

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream, $4.95

Sticky Rice with Mango (in season), $8.95

Sticky Rice with Thai custard, $7.95


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite $1.95

Thomas Kemper sodas (Root Beer, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Orange Cream, etc.) $3.00

Lemonade $2.25

Bottled Water $1.95

Thai Iced Tea $3.95

Thai Iced Coffee $3.95

Hot Coffee $3.00

Saigon Coffee (hot) $4.25

Hot Tea $2.75

See our beer and wine list for other drinks!

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